Printed direct to various sized acrylic panels

04 10 2012

Here are various samples of direct printed acrylic panels that can be used in all environments. These pieces can make great gifts and can be personalised with your own unique photo or artwork...

Direct to substrate printing.

This new process involves digitally printing with a brand new technology and a special UV ink directly to the surface of a display substrate. There are three key benefits:
You can print on to (almost) any surface.
The inks are suitable for interior and exterior applications.
It is an economic process.

The possibilitys and uses for this style of printing is endless.

Audi S5 makes a return.... Audi to be re-wrapped!

04 10 2012

We originally wrapped the Audi S5 in a sleek satin matte vinyl back in September 09 (As you can see from the first picture, this was straight from the manufacturer)

3 Years on and the S5 still looks as impressive as the day we wrapped it! Oh the memories...

Keeping with the matte finished look, the black is coming off to be replaced with a ice cool matte white vinyl!

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